James M. Gates

I’m an aspiring photographer from Detroit, MI.  I’ve been shooting for about five months now, and I have wondered why I hadn’t picked up a camera sooner than I did. Photography for me is a stress release and I absolutely love it. I find myself being drawn towards architectural and landscape photography, it’s pretty evident in my photos.

I’m also legally blind, hence the tagline, The blind guy with a good eye. I was born with a condition called congenital nystagmus which makes things like reading a book difficult, and driving a car will probably never be in the cards for me, but I’ve learned to live and deal with my condition. Taking pics can also be somewhat difficult at times, but when you love something you will do whatever it takes to do it.

After some thought and encouragement from friends and colleagues I decided to start this site not to benefit financially, but to show the world what can be accomplished if you want to do something bad enough. I’m not looking for any pity or sympathy, I just want to show everyone the world as I see it through my eye.

Enclosing I just want to thank everyone who takes the time to stop by and look at my pics, and I hope that you may get some enjoyment from viewingthem. I also want to apologize in advance if any of my pics are blurry or out of focus, remember I’m blind for crying out loud!


J. Gates